Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial 60 minutes


This rejuvenating treatment lightens, brightens and tightens the skin while soothing botanical reduce redness and add vital hydration. This comprehensive treatment combines the revolutionary Tri-C Complex with correcting hydroxy acids, powerful peptides, stem cells, and a unique blend of intensely hydrating ingredients to treat Rosacea, dry/dehydrated aging and sun damaged skin.

Sensitive Skin Facial 60 minutes



Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects heal skin from the inside out

Supports moisture and protection against environmental-damage effects while also offering evens skin tone 

Optimizes complexion on surface and cellular levels

Rejuvenates, exfoliates, and clarifies texture

Soothes and cools skin immediately on contact

Deep Pores Cleansing / mild acne Facial 60 minutes


Applying the Blueberry enzyme that includes 1% Salicylic and 1% Glycolic Acid. Blueberries are great antioxidants and contain Vitamins C and E. Salicylic Acid is excellent pores cleanser. Glycolic Acid weakens desmosomes. The Strawberry/Spearmint Mask with Kaolin Clay to soften sebum, absorb oil and refine pores without hardening on the skin. Strawberry and spearmint are anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic and will draw out impurities and toxins. This facial inhibits bacteria growth and prevent breakouts. Skin is left fresh, clean and balanced. 

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial 60 minutes


Use a diamond tip hand-piece rips off dead skin cells, help diminish acne scars, reduce fine lines, give your skin an even, smooth complexion. following face massage with collagen cream, extraction if necessary, hydrating peel off mask, ageless hydrating serum, SPF 30 .

Anti-Aging Facial with LED 80 minutes


Using the products with rich Vitamin C to help keeping tissues youthful by destroying free radicals that such as damage to skin cells. And LED Anti-Aging is approved by the FDA to stimulate cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin. Facial exfoliation is performed in two ways—fresh fruit enzyme (packed with Vitamin A and C) and microdermabrasion (smooth away fine line). This facial slows the aging process and reduce fine lines. 

Hydrating Ultrasonic Facial 70 minutes


The facial promotes deep hydration that is great for restoring moisture into the skin and balancing surface bi-layers. Combines Lemon Zest enzyme, plant-derived lactic acid, Goji Berry Yogur mask, Hyaluronic Acid mask and ultrasonic hydrating serum infusion. 

All skin types

Dehydrated, dry, milia-prone skin 

Pumpkin Peel 60 minutes


15% Pumpkin-Orange Fruit Enzyme exfoliate and brighten the skin with powerful antioxidants and the banefits of Vitamins A and C. Pumpkin proteases are know to peel dead skin cell and reduce blemishes. 11% L-Lactic Acid is an AHA exfoliant, allowing dead skin cells to slough off and make room for regrowth of new skin. It improves wrinkling and roughness, and it softens skin. 

Organic Peel 30 minutes

$59 ($20 off )

The botanical peel is an alternative to harsh Glycolic peels. Contains active blend of naturally effective, botanically based Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids. Non-irritating, it features an Aloe Vera base, gently micro-exfoliates the skin, re-balances moisture loss and promoting collagen growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone. 

Express Facial 30 minutes


Need a facial but short on time? This quick treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes. Have your pores deep cleansed and extracted or enjoy a skin rejuvenating facial massage. Either way, the facial leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalized.

Back Clean Facial 30 minutes


Using Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser and Pomegranate scrub, Microdermabrasion to remove congestion and gently exfoliate for a smooth, clear back. End with gentle back massage.

LED Anti-Aging Treatment 20 minutes


The professional Anti-Aging Light is made in the U.S.A. and FDA Cleared and doctor recommended. The treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, firm, tone and restore youthful radiance. Helps to minimize pore size and increase moisture retention.

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